Speciality Weeks


In our kitchen many different ingredients come together.
In order to particularly honour some of them, we regularly create our speciality weeks.


Monday 13th to Friday 17th February 2023
Pearls of the ocean – from Normandy to the Baltic Sea!

7 years of Brunnauer in the Ceconi Villa

Brunnauers Favourites

Monday 20th to Friday 24th March 2023
7 courses, 7 wines to mark 7 wonderful years!


Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th May 2023
Traditional – seasonal – tasty!

Fish & Shellfish

Monday 26th to Friday 30th June 2023
Brunnauers’ creations – a wide range from fish to lobster!

Game specialities

Monday 16th to Friday 20th October 2023
From mouflon to wild fowl – a delicious selection of the best our region has to offer!

Veal Offal specialities

Monday 13th to Friday 17th November 2023
Veal delicacies – sweetbread, veal lights & liver, just to mention a few!



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